Do you print on-site?

Yes, we have a full print shop that includes digital, offset, large format printing and roll label production. In addition we have many finishing and laminating capabilities in house. Stop by any time and we’ll show you around!

What is your turnaround time for print jobs?

Our typical turnaround for print projects with provided print ready artwork is anywhere between 1-3 days, depending on final quantities, paper availability and finishing requirements.
Expanded assortment products such as Spot UV, tension fabric displays, foiling and embossing or converting typically turnaround in 5-7 days.
We strive to turnaround each project as quickly as possible, if you’re in need of a quick turnaround let us know when the order or quote is requested and we’ll let you know what is possible.

Do you have rush charges?

We don’t have rush charges! However sometimes because of tight deadlines extra costs can  be incurred for non-stock items.

Do you provide discounts for non-profit organizations?

We offer certain non profit organizations special discounts with the exception of special events and sponsorships. Contact us directly to see how we can work with your organization.

Design FAQ

What is the preferred file format?

We accept most any type of file, however we prefer PDF. Not sure how to create a PDF? We can help, give us a call and we can help you.

What is "Print Ready Artwork"?

Artwork is considered “Print Ready” when there are no other design changes necessary to print the file. This includes resizing files, making text changes or other design changes. Also certain file types such as Word, Publisher and Powerpoint can experience formatting issues from one computer to the next which can deem them not print ready. We ask that print ready artwork be submitted as PDF files to eliminate these formatting issues and save against incurring processing fees for non print ready artwork.

What is Bleed?

Bleed is a term used to describe the area outside of the cut area of a printed document.

What is Printing Bleed

What if my files don't have bleed?

If a file is submitted without any bleed margins we can add bleed onto the file for a small fee, or we can cut into the print area as much as .125″.

What is the best margin to use?

When designing a print piece the ideal inside margin is 1/8″ (.125″) or larger. When artwork gets to close to the edge it can cause inconsistent quality during finishing such as cutting or folding. If you’re using a software program that is having trouble adjusting margins, its completely OK, we can help get the files setup for proper printing.

Can I send you InDesign files?

Yes! We can open and use InDesign files. However, the ideal way to submit an InDesign file is by “Packaging” the file. This is done by clicking File>Package and following the instructions to bundle fonts & links. If you’re having trouble give us a call, 541-617-9899 we’ll help you get it worked out.

Does Premier Printing Solutions provide graphic design services?

Yes! We provide all levels of creative design from logo creation to marketing collateral such as brochure design, event posters, business cards and more.

Print FAQ

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing comes in many forms, the type of digital printing we do consists of environmentally safe dry inks that are heat bonded to paper through a heat pressing process. All of our digital printed materials are completely recyclable and environmentally safe.

Do you use recycled paper?

We do! Our most common papers consist of between 10% and 30% of post consumer recycled fibers. We have a huge selection of 30% to 100% post consumer recycled papers available as well in many colors and textures.

Do you provide offset printing?

Yes! We provide 1,2 and 3 color offset printing on papers up to 18pt or 165# Double Thick Cover. Perfect for that high impact business card design or extra classy stationery package.

What is U.V. Coating?

UV Coating is a unique process that we offer in house for digital and offset printed materials. UV Coating is a great way to make any printed piece stand out with an extra high gloss photo finish. Colors become more vibrant and printed pieces stay nicer longer. Stop by and see our sample collection to see the difference.