Buying Local Photography Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

There is no shortage of amazing scenery in Central Oregon. Our landscapes have drawn photographers from all walks of life who are called to capture the stories told by our mountains, lakes and wilderness areas. Through their lenses, they are able to stop time and share meaningful moments, each as unique as the photographer themselves. Locals and visitors alike have long admired the work of these local photographers, many of whom often push their limits physically and artistically to get original shots.

Over the past few years, we have worked with many of these photographers, often printing their work on our large format printer, or creating canvas wraps for their clients. As we got to know and understand some of the unique challenges they face in selling their photos, including not being set up to handle the sales transactions efficiently, or having to often pay for prints and wait to get reimbursed from clients, we realized we could help make their jobs a little easier.

Often, Central Oregonians encounter beautiful, local photography on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, and frequently express an interest in purchasing them. However, we’ve learned there is a gap between the consumer and the photographer on the sales end. Often, photographers will send a customer a digital image and the customer will have to source the printing and framing. This can be a costly and inconvenient way to purchase local photos.

This is where the idea for the Local Photo Marketplace came from.

Buying Local Photography Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Evening Kayak at Sparks Lake by Jesse Boomer

Evening Kayak at Sparks Lake by Jesse Boomer Hanging at Crow’s Feet Commons

What is the Local Photo Marketplace?

The Local Photo Marketplace is a partnership with local photographers to market and print select pieces from their photography collection. Premier Printing Solutions handles all of the posting, marketing, sales, production and customer service for the photographers and they earn a commission from each piece sold.

This is really a win-win-win for everyone involved. Photographers get paid when a piece sells, people who love their work can purchase prints easily and securely online, and the printing stays local, all helping our economy.

How are the photos printed, what sizes are available?

All photos are printed on archival grade canvas with reproduction quality archival inks which are then gallery wrap framed for a no-fade, ultra long lasting print, made right here in Central Oregon.

Our prints are made with the highest quality of materials and are made to last.

Most photos are available in 3 sizes, with some variance due to photo sizes and orientations. These sizes include; Small 12×18, Medium 20×30, Large 26×40.

Who are the photographers?

The Local Photo Marketplace is currently open to select photographers, all of whom are well recognized for their amazing work. These photographers include; Pete Alport, Jesse Boomer, Arian Stevens and Kyle Schenk. Each photographer has a different specialty and creative eye, as is often evident in their pieces.

Where can we see samples of the photos?

Currently, we have a display set-up at Crow’s Feet Commons in Bend. The canvas prints will be on display through the end of October, at which time, we will bring them back to the shop and hang them here. You are welcome to stop by and see them anytime!

Local Photo MarketplaceIn addition to the canvas prints, we have keepsake Local Photo Marketplace cards at Crow’s Feet Commons. These can be found around the store on many of the tables and benches, and are free for the taking.






How can we purchase from the Local Photo Marketplace?

Easy. Simply, go to our Local Photo Marketplace page, find the print of your choice and select your desired size. Our team will get right to work printing and creating your canvas print and let you know when it’s ready for pickup.

What about wholesale orders?

We can accommodate large quantity runs for restaurants, businesses, hotels and the like. Simply, contact us and we can work out a quote for your unique needs.
This is an exciting new product line for us, and we’re thrilled to be working to strengthen the local economy by working with local photographers. Thank you for your interest and support! We have been posting behind-the-scenes photos and information to our Instagram page, follow along here.

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