3 Key Components to Successful Marketing

A business’ ability to attract new clients, stay top of mind or retain existing ones, introduce new products or promote special offers hinges on their understanding and utilization of marketing. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if people don’t know it exists or forget about it, your business isn’t likely to survive. An understanding of the basic components of marketing as well as a plan to execute the components, will help find the path to success in your business.

We have identified what we believe to be the 3 key components to successful marketing that we hope will help you market your product or service.

3 key components to successful marketing


Consumers make a decision about a product within the first few seconds they are in contact with the messaging. This holds true for a physical product as well as a marketing piece relating to the product or service. It’s important to quickly make an impression and add value in some way. This can be done by looking at your marketing from the perception of a customer. How is this relevant to them? What problem are we solving? Are we quickly and visually getting our message across? Avoid information overload in your marketing pieces while remaining relevant and visually stimulating to the prospective buyer.


We talk quite a bit about brand continuity in our last blog post, Your Guide to Consistent Branding and Why It’s Important. We are living in a very visual world and even the slightest deviation from continuity can be sensed intuitively. At first though, It may not seem like an overtly obvious issue, or even one that is important. But, maintaining continuity in your marketing establishes a reliability and a sense of consistency among customers. This will establish a level of trust with consumers and increase your success in all around marketing efforts.


You’ve got a relevant marketing message, you’ve established continuity in your branding and marketing messaging, and you’ve sent them out into the universe. Now, how do we know if they’re working for you? Measuring the progress of your marketing efforts is the only way to know what’s successful and worth continuing and what may need to be re-visited. It’s important to know what is performing and what isn’t so that you can direct your efforts and budget where they’ll serve you best. Although there are several effective ways to measure a marketing piece or campaign, using a call-to-action within the piece can be one of the most effective. Do you want clicks to your website? Set-up a landing page and track the traffic to that page. Looking for orders? Track the number of sales on your product or service before, during and after the campaign to measure an uptick in sales. Want phone calls? Ask people where they heard about you when they call, or ask them to mention the ad or marketing piece.

Taking the time to understand the components of successful marketing will set your next campaign up for a successful run. For more information about marketing, print and branding, be sure to check out the rest of the blog or read our tips & techniques section. Feel free to leave any questions or thoughts in the comment section below.

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